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About Cosmos Classics

At Cosmos Classics, we believe that boldness inspires beauty and beauty begets boldness. All our products are carefully crafted to help you feel confident and empower you to look your best.

Our story

We believe in skincare that is easy to understand and thus – easy to use.

At Cosmos Classics, we do not want to overwhelm our customers with complex industry jargon and unnecessarily technical instructions for use. Every single one of our products has been crafted with that in mind – being straightforward, easy, and pleasant to use. We offer, not only organic and vegan ingredients, but products that come packed with unique combinations of natural oils and extracts.

Our skin and hair are real workhorses. They take a beating every day due to exposure to environmental factors, constant washing and the sun. On top of that, skin loses collagen and elasticity as it ages. Our skin is essential to making us feel confident and like the best version of ourselves – our skin really does deserve the best!

With that in mind, we have created a range of products for face and body that invigorate and strengthen the skin day in and day out. Through using only, the best natural ingredients in our products with proven anti-aging and rejuvenating properties, your skin will feel pampered, radiant, and ready to exude your natural beauty. Are you ready to feel young and fresh?

Our products

At Cosmos Classics, we are on a mission to lead the way when it comes to natural and accessible skincare for women and men. Essentials that keep your face, body, and hair feeling great.

While we use timeless ingredients with proven anti-aging and skin rejuvenating properties, our products are made for the modern individual. Considering the everyday stressors that affect the wellbeing of our skin, we combine the best ingredients and technologies to create easy-to-use essentials.

In our product range you will find everything you need for your everyday routine. Take a moment for yourself every morning and evening – you deserve it!

Our ingredients

Cosmos Classics products give you noticeable results and youthful skin using organic time-tested ingredients. Our products are both vegan and environmentally friendly.

The ingredients we use are modern, advanced, effective and free from irritating ingredients often used in the skincare industry.

All our products are safe to use. Some of the natural ingredients you will find in Cosmos Classics products include jojoba oil, squalene, argan oil, and a variety of flower and plant extracts.

Our promise

Women and men alike deserve the best for their skin and hair. That is why we at Cosmos Classics strive to provide healing solutions for everyone.

There is nothing more appealing than a confident woman and a well-groomed modern man. We believe that skincare and haircare, easily accessible and easy to use, encourages everyone to feel bold and beautiful – ready to take on the world.

We all deserve something that allows us to relax and renew. Experience spa-like pampering at home anytime. Our natural ingredient infused products leave the skin feeling plump and energized.

We create products that meet high standards, ensure they perform effectively, and guarantee they are comfortable and pleasurable to use.

We create products that allow you to connect your inner balance with external beauty. Hence our motto:

Be bold.
Be beautiful.
Be you.


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