We often allow so many things to hold us back from the life we envision for ourselves. We sometimes give power to other people’s opinions and go through periods where we feel ashamed of our uniqueness.

Part of loving yourself is by being bold enough to use your voice and brave enough to listen to your heart. Boldness is all about owning your uniqueness and reaching out for your greatness. It also means setting your boundaries and ensuring no one oversteps them. In a world where everybody wants to fit in, your boldness will make you stand out and be counted.

When you are bold, you are beautiful. There is nothing as attractive as the confidence that comes with your boldness. A significant percentage of men and women will tell you that one of the things that attracted them to their partners was their expression of boldness. It doesn’t matter what everyone else thinks; once you accept yourself for who you are, you will feel bold. And inside boldness lies beauty.

But how can you be bold and beautiful in a world that exalts and celebrates superficiality?

  1. Think Positively: There is beauty in positivity. For every setback, look out for the lessons learnt rather than the challenge endured. Part of being bold is learning from your experiences and allowing them to shape you into a better and stronger individual. Your thoughts determine your life, and your perception of situations will determine how far you go in the pursuit of your goals.
  2. Invest in your body: Taking care of your body is part of the process of creating your version of beauty. Determine what you want your body to look like to help you feel beautiful then create a step by step plan to achieve that ideal body. If your weight is holding you back from being bold and beautiful, then create a workout routine and embrace healthier eating habits. If your skin is keeping you out of touch with your boldness, invest in a skincare routine that will bring back your glow. Whatever you have to do, please do it! When you invest in yourself, you open up yourself to endless opportunities to feel bold and beautiful.
  3. Stand up for yourself and others: Most of us have been taught to believe that silence is a virtue. It might be in some situations, but it definitely doesn’t apply in situations that need us to stand up for ourselves and others. By taking our stand and speaking against things we do not agree with, we not only express our boldness but also our empathy towards other people.
  4. Take care of your mental health: Our boldness and beauty emanate from deep within us. We cannot express or practice something we do not feel.An unhealthy mental state makes us vulnerable and prevents us from seeing the beauty within and around us. We may even convince ourselves that we do not matter and that our voices are not worth being heard.By taking care of our mental health, we allow ourselves to maintain an internal state of tranquil, making it possible to feel bold and beautiful. Taking care of our mental health may sometimes mean getting out of toxic environments, cutting back on meaningless friendships, or signing up for a therapist. Whatever it takes, ensure your mental health is well taken care of.
  5. Wear your Smile: Your smile is the most beautiful thing you can wear. It does not only make you more approachable but also accentuates your facial features making you more attractive. Even more, smiles are contagious. You can make somebody’s day by just flashing a smile at them on the sidewalk. Whatever life throws at you, don’t let it take away your smile.Being bold and beautiful is a choice. In a society that teaches us to remain silent and feel ashamed of our uniqueness, we have to learn to stand up for ourselves and stay open to the vast opportunities that come our way. To be bold, you have to be intentional. To be beautiful, you have to embrace your uniqueness and work towards your own idea of beauty. Do not allow yourself to be held back by the superficiality that exists today. Take your stand. Choose boldness. Choose beauty.




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