Men looking after their skin is the new normal. Whether you’re a lad, a bloke, a guy or a man’s man, you have skin, it’s most noticeable on your face, so look after it!

You know how you notice a lady’s nice skin? They notice yours, too!

Why Cosmos Classics?

We’re a proud Irish family company producing a superb skincare range for ladies and gents.
Our entire range is made in the UK for quality assurance.

Our products are all-natural because we wouldn’t use anything else ourselves.

Our goal for Cosmos Classics has always been to provide a fantastic product, which helps
people to look and feel amazing while providing exceptional value for money.

We love and use our products, we’re sure you will, too.

Guys go to the gym, eat right, and all that other stuff.
Yet, the quickest, easiest way to look good and feel
great is looking after your skin… is there anything
more visible than your face? Maybe your legs if
you’re 17 feet tall, but if you aren’t, yes, it’s your
face… best look after it!

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Your fellow humans are loving our stuff!

Unique experience.
Creams and lotions that
make us feel good and
look great!

The skin products are
amazing. People think my
daughter is my sister!

Beautiful products. I feel
years younger.

Women use lotions and potions and all that stuff because it's good for their skin, and you notice, right? News Flash! You've got skin too, guys... and the ladies notice! Look after it, it'll be with you for a while!




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For Ladies

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